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Benjamin Warriner
Mercy Bartlett
Isaac Warriner
Birth: 0 28 Aug 1745 Springfield, MA Marriage: 0 1767 Lydia Fury Death: 0 14 Mar 1803 Springfield, MA
Other wives:
(Lydia Fury)
(Mary Fury)
(Lydia Fury)
Lydia Fury
Birth: 0 1743 Marriage: 0 1767 Isaac Warriner Death: 0 25 Jul 1815
(M) Jacob Warriner
(F) Sarah Warriner
(F) Sarah Warriner
(F) Rachel Warriner
(F) Chloe Warriner
(M) Justin Warriner
(M) Isaac Warriner
* Small numbers before event dates represent 'surety': 0=least certain to 3=most certain.