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Isaac Warriner
Lydia Fury
Jacob Warriner
Birth: 0 18 Apr 1768 Death: 0 4 Sep 1857 Claridon O Marriage: 0 10 Apr 1795 Sabra Bush Springfield Mass
Sabra Bush
Marriage: 0 10 Apr 1795 Jacob Warriner Springfield Mass
(M) Oliver Warriner
(M) Reuben Warriner
(F) Dorcas Warriner
(M) Eli Warriner
(M) Isaac Warriner
(F) Lydia Warriner
(M) Jacob Warriner
(M) Willard Warriner
(M) Orrin Warriner
(M) Orson Warriner
(M) Henry Warriner
(M) Jacob Warriner
(F) Polly Warriner
(F) Lucy Warriner
* Small numbers before event dates represent 'surety': 0=least certain to 3=most certain.