Reed Dearing, historiographer and senior docent of St. Johns Cathedral in Jacksonville Florida, is in the process of writing a book on the stained glass windows in their church.

Here is an exceprt from his upcoming book, reproduced here with his permission:

Continuing to move west along the north wall of the nave is The Baptism Window. This window is a 1956 memorial donated by the Warriner family to Charles Friend Warriner (1855-1920) and Nathalie King Warriner (1863 - 1951). In the predella is the shell symbol of a baptism accompanied with The Alpha & Omega. The three center panels are a scene of John baptizing Jesus with people watching. Also viewed is the descending dove of The Holy Spirit. The 2 panels on the left depict Christ learning in the temple and working as a carpenter. The 2 panels on the right show the temptation of Satan[1] and Christ teaching. The predella in this scene shows the saints: St John with the poisoned chalice. Saint John the Evangelist is depicted holding a chalice, an allusion to his being put to the test by the high priest of the Temple of Diana at Ephesus.[2]. The high priest said to him: "If you want me to believe in your god, I will give you some poison to drink and, if it does not harm you, it means that your god is the true God." St James the Less with a book, St Andrew with an X shaped cross, and St. Peter with the Keys to the Kingdom. St Matthew with a Gospel, St. Philip with a book of teaching text and a shaft, and St. Bartholomew is shown with a knife, symbolizing he was martyred by being skinned alive!

This window is one of the largest windows in the cathedral.

-Reed Dearing
Senior Docent
St. Johns Cathedral

[1] It is believed this is the only depiction of the Prince of Darkness in St John's Cathedral

[2] In aged art and stained glass, St John is many times depicted holding the poisoned cup