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Notes for Sarah Ann Warriner

General Note
1 ALIA Sarah Ann /Warner/


Sarah states in the Canadian Federal Census of 1901 that her date ofbirth is 26 August 1850. However, earlier census records indicate a yearof birth around 1845. Until a primary source is found confirming Sarah'sdate of birth, it is more logical to use the census of 1851 (closer tothe actual event) as an approximate birth year.

In her legal deposition dated 23 June 1903 after her husband James'death, Sarah states, "I am now fifty-six years of age having been born onthe 26th day of August 1846 as I have been informed and do reallybelieve." Sarah would have no reason to lie in this sworn statement.The 26th of August is consistent with the 1901 census date. I believethis forms a preponderance of evidence that Sarah Ann Warriner's date ofbirth is 26 August 1846.