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John Bowen
Birth: 0 29 Aug 1744 Salisbury, Merrimack Co., New Hampshire Death: 0 2 Sep 1832 Hillhurst, Compton, Compton Co., Quebec
Catherine French
Birth: 0 19 Aug 1757 Dunstable, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts Death: 0 3 Aug 1842 Compton (likely), Compton Co., Quebec
(F) Eleanor Bowen
(M) John III Bowen
(M) Benjamin Bowen
(F) Charlotte Bowen
(M) Peter Bowen
(M) Frederick Bowen
(F) Catherine Marion Bowen
(F) Charlotte Bowen
(F) Cynthia A Bowen
(F) Mary Bowen
* Small numbers before event dates represent 'surety': 0=least certain to 3=most certain.