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Andrew Warriner
Birth: 0 9 Jun 1836 Monson Ma Occupation: 0 Mr. Warriner was elected and served as assessor for his native town in 1865, and four sucessive year Marriage: 0 28 Dec 1859 Sarah Jane Wood Monson Ma
Sarah Jane Wood
Birth: 0 2 Aug 1839 Monson Ma Marriage: 0 28 Dec 1859 Andrew Warriner Monson Ma
(M) Walter Andrew Warriner
(M) Homer Wood Warriner
(M) Fred Homer Warriner
(F) Elsie Mare Warriner
(F) Ella Mary Warriner
(M) Andrew Louis Warriner
(M) Arthur Warren Warriner
(M) George Lincoln Warriner
(M) Alvin Smith Warriner
(F) Hattie Lulu Warriner
(F) Lena Josephine Warriner
* Small numbers before event dates represent 'surety': 0=least certain to 3=most certain.