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Nathan Warriner
Abigail S Cleveland
Levi Clark Warriner
Occupation: 0 Reverand Birth: 0 19 May 1819 Monson, Massachusetts Death: 0 5 May 1871 Parker's Prairie, Minnesota
Adeline Larue Anderson
Birth: 0 25 Feb 1822 Monson, Massachusetts Death: 0 25 May 1908 Bloomington, Minnesota
(F) Eliza Marilla Warriner
(M) Son Warriner
(M) Levi Clark Warriner
(F) Adaline Betsy Warriner
(M) Lyman Nathan Warriner
(M) Jairus David Warriner
(F) Ursula Hattie Warriner
(F) Abigail Estella Warriner
(F) Jennie Eveline Warriner
(M) James Monroe Warriner
* Small numbers before event dates represent 'surety': 0=least certain to 3=most certain.