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Nathan Warriner
Hannah Butler
Abel Warriner
Birth: 0 31 Jan 1801 Monson, Mass. Moved: 0 Sophronia Ferry Delmar PA Marriage: 0 29 Dec 1822 Sophronia Ferry Death: 0 17 Dec 1877 Delmar, Pennsylvania
Sophronia Ferry
Marriage: 0 29 Dec 1822 Abel Warriner Moved: 0 Abel Warriner Delmar PA
(F) Mary Ann Warriner
(F) Elvira Warriner
(F) Philena Janette Warriner
(M) Abel Silas Warriner
(F) Aurelia Warriner
(F) Sophronia Cordelia Warriner
(M) James Nelson Warriner
(F) Harriet Ellen Warriner
(M) Chrles Royce Warriner
(M) John Ferry Warriner
(F) Juliette Warriner
(M) Lanis Lafitte Warriner
* Small numbers before event dates represent 'surety': 0=least certain to 3=most certain.